Thomas Marcellino Robbed At WSOF 24

Thomas Marcellino

*Now before you start with the continued hate mail I just want to say one thing this is my opinion and the opinion of those that I watched the Nick Newell vs Thomas Marcellino fight with on 10-17-2015.

This was one fight we wanted to attend as media and even if we couldn’t attend as media we wanted to watch Tommy “Gunnz” Marcellino take on Nick “Notorious” Newell at WSOF 24 at the Foxwoods Casino. We know both fighters and have watched both fighters fight before and they are both crowd favorites and even though Tommy can not fight in New York State due to our state being ass backwards, he still is a huge ticket seller as he is an awesome fighter as well as person. With all that said Nick came out to the roar of the crowd as he was the local favorite and rightfully so as he is a great fighter and person and has overcome adversity with his disability and not allowing it to get into his way. Tommy we see was already in the cage and with those of us watching the fights at home we did not get to see his entrance, which happens with a lot of promotions when a fighter is the underdog but with this fight we thought we would at least see Tommy before stepping into the cage.

As soon as Nick stepped into the cage it was like the second coming and good for him as he deserves praise, but Tommy did as well, was it mentioned that he trains his ass off and has to travel outside of his home state to pursue his professional MMA career, no not at all, but Tommy doesn’t look for that type of praise and we think it is worth mentioning the professional MMA fighters in New York have to leave their state to pursue their dreams.

This takes us to the first round and the only round I feel that could have went either way and before the hate starts I am not a trained judge, but usually do pretty good scoring right along with those that are trained.

On to the second round which I will start off by saying and ending with that was Tommy’s round even though a hiccup occurred and round two was stopped 10 seconds early because of a mistake and I feel the mistake was that Nick was stunned and Tommy would have finished Nick in those short 10 seconds while on the ground. Once again my opinion but 10 seconds lost when Nick was in trouble, just not cool.

So we head to round three the last and final round of this battle with the possibility of both fighters being tied at this point taking one round a piece. We watch as what appears and I feel it was Nick tapping a couple of times with 1:37 left in the round and Tommy telling the ref he is tapping, but it was ignored as I know the ref can not take the word of a fighter like that, but Tommy knew he had him and may have just eased up a little on Nick at that point because he felt Nick tap and may have figured what is the sense of causing possible damage to Nick if he had enough. That is just my opinion and only Tommy would be able to answer that for us. This leaves me to the end of round three after listening to the commentary of all the things wrong Tommy was doing, how about what Nick wasn’t doing but that didn’t matter as we see Tommy confident he won and Nick saying sorry (20:02 in the video below)to his corner as maybe he felt he lost (once again I do not know why Nick said that, it’s just my opinion) the fight, we had Tommy taking round 3 and winning via by unanimous decision or at least split decision. But we all know it didn’t go that way and Tommy was robbed and Nick Newell retired right there on the spot.

Was it Tommy’s taunting Nick at the end of round three leaving Nick on the ground and motioning for Nick to get up and at least hit him that swayed the judges as Tommy being cocky, which he had every right to be. I sure hope not because all the interviews leading up to the fight Tommy wasn’t even going to go the distance per Nick and he was coming off cocky in my book and Tommy sure the hell did finish the fight, go the distance and as far as I am concerned Tommy won that fight and even if no one else seen it that way it should have at least been a No Contest as the second round was 10 seconds short due to a mistake.

Unfortunately this video is not in English, but you do not have to hear the commentary but see the proof Tommy won this fight.

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  1. Tommy is a hometown guy and I don’t believe I am biased when I say he won the fight. One thing for sure, Nick tapped out.

  2. Ain't that some shit

    Took the words right out Of my mouth

  3. When a fighter looks beyond any opponent it can be enough to make a grown man cry. Usually it’s the one predicting the future who cries upon retiring after such a foolish move.

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