***This is an informational post only, we are not matchmakers, promoters, or event holders. Please follow all links that appear in the post. Parts of this post will seem a little comical, but that is not the way we see the sport, we take amateur MMA very seriously as everyone should.

With all the attention MMA is receiving in New York lately, people are coming out of the woodwork wanting to know what it takes to get on a Cage Wars card or how to fight in other amateur MMA events in the area. Well as the header shows we are not the people to seek for that information, but we can lead you in the right direction.

First, we would like to say if you have not trained to become an MMA fighter we suggest you start there. We do know that if you aren’t trained you will not be taken seriously and let’s face it who wants to step into the cage with someone that has trained their whole life and has been waiting to make their amateur debut, I know I wouldn’t.

So that brings us to the second step (if you have trained to become an MMA fighter skip this portion). Find a reputable school or instructors in your area, we have a featured gym section and that is a good place to start. Another step in the right direction is to contact some of the fighters we feature on the site. These fighters are a great bunch and are willing to lend information, soon you will find out your MMA family is a large part of your life and are always by your side. *Just a side note if you finished UFC on the Xbox 360 with an achievement score of 1000 that does not make you a fighter and should not be used as an instruction course, it’s a game dammit.

Next (we will skip the numbers), be in shape, just because you trained “back in the day” does not mean you are ready to step into the amateur MMA cage, once again fighters that step into the cage and are hungry for a win and have trained hard for this fight and are in great shape. Another example is, “I remember him from High School and I used to take his lunch money, I can take him the cage”. My response to that is good luck and if that amateur MMA fighter ever got you in the cage, we wish you the best and not because MMA is about retribution or payback, but that fighter is in shape and once again has trained hard to be in the cage.

Now don’t take this the wrong way as I swear I am not crazy. While no one is looking punch yourself as hard as you can in the face. Did you do it yet? Well if you didn’t do it because you don’t like getting hit in the face your amateur MMA career is over, why you ask? Let’s face it you will take a couple of shots to the face during the course of the first round (prior to being knocked out). Now if you are one of those that a punch in the face really didn’t effect you bravo, but now explain to your family and friends why you have a black eye, because some crazy guy at Warriors Instinct MMA said to try it if I wanted to be an amateur MMA fighter really isn’t a good answer.

Here is a tough part. You have to make weight for weigh-ins prior to your fight, but it really isn’t that bad as you are a week out and have to cut 10lbs. A week seems like a long time, but with training, work and life, cutting that weight may be difficult and remember you still be able to function on a daily basis, let alone keep your stamina up for possibly 3 of the toughest rounds of amateur MMA action you will every face.

If I am such an authority why don’t I step into the cage? Well let me tell you, common sense does prevail and I know these amateur will eat me alive. I know I will never be able to step into the cage and I accept that and that is why I do what I do and that is to write about amateur MMA in our area. So remember just because you have a passion for the sport does not mean you have to be a fighter. You can head to a Cage Wars event and cheer for the best amateurs MMA fighters in our area, while they battle it out in the cage and you will not have to explain to your boss the next day why you have a black eye and don’t try to play it off that you take part in a fight club, because if you tell your boss that you forgot rule #1 of fight club.

So in a nutshell if you are interested in fighting in one of the premiere events in the country please use the links below to contact Cage Wars. Their website has a contact page and I would suggest using that as one of the Cages War staff will hit you up. Do remember though, they will match you against a worthy opponent and soon you will be on your way to starting your amateur MMA career.

Cage Wars Website
Cage Wars Facebook

If you are looking to begin training like we said earlier we suggest you use the Featured Gym Section that appears on our side bar as well as the Features Fighter Section, for more fighters please checkout our follow local fighters section in the top menu, as we have their Facebook and Twitter (if they have a Twitter page) Pages listed for you to see.

Once again even though this post seems comical in areas, please do not take this sport that way. We respect all that are involved in amateur MMA and we are bringing to light this is not for everyone and takes a lot of time and commitment to become an amateur MMA fighter.

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