Follow Local Fighters

We have started adding Facebook pages to our Follow Local Fighters page, where you the fans can follow your favorite amateur or PRO MMA fighters in our area. If you know of a fighter we missed feel freeto hit us up, as well if any of the fighters have fan pages or websites they would like us to add to the page hit us up and we will update the page.

Nicholas Allowe Facebook

Bobby Aylward Facebook

Ngounga Badilla Facebook

Joe Bagley *PRO Fighter* Facebook

Adam Barrett Facebook

Will Barry Facebook

Rob Best Facebook

Brandon Boomhower Facebook

Lewis Bond Facebook

Shane Bower Facebook

Matt Boyce Facebook

Tom”The Berzerker” Clare Facebook Fan Page Twitter

Paul E Colantonio Facebook

Jody Curtiss Facebook

Mike “BeastBoy” Davis Facebook Fan Page Twitter

Tom DeBlass *PRO Fighter* Facebook

Tyler DeMagistris Facebook

Zachary Duncan Facebook

Greg Dwyer Facebook

Cheljean Erwin-Davis *PRO Fighter* Facebook

Wasee Fenix Facebook

Stephon Flood Facebook

Nick Fontek Facebook

Justin Fraim Facebook

Jarrell Gatterson Facebook

Randall Ginyard Facebook

Mark “LionHeart” Glover Facebook Fan Page

Ken Gordon Facebook

Brandon Goyer Facebook

Guy Hammond Facebook

Scott Hartman Facebook

Eddie Haws Facebook

David Higgs Facebook

James Hilton Facebook

Clayton Holmes Facebook

Darrin J Hunsdon Facebook

Noah Hughes Facebook

Chris Johnson Facebook

Anthony Kasdorf Facebook

Jahloni Kum Facebook Twitter

Dan”Big Irish” Ladd Facebook

Patrick Lafortune Facebook

Ryan Lall Facebook

Chad Laplante Facebook

Josh Laporta Facebook

Heather LeFevre Facebook

Chris Lynde Facebook

Thomas Marcellino *PRO Fighter* Facebook

Paige Matheson Facebook

Eric Mendiola Facebook

Mike Miller Facebook

Rigoberto Miranda Facebook

Josh Monroe Facebook

Jacob Montalvo Facebook

Drew Nolan Facebook Like Page

Juliano Pabon Facebook

Kelly Palmer Facebook

Chuck Pavia Facebook

Brandon Polcare Facebook

Paul Randall Facebook

Adam J Rathbun Facebook

Alex Ratigan Facebook

Joshua Ricci Facebook

Bruce “Lion Heart” Richards *PRO Fighter* Facebook

Bob Rose III Facebook

Matthew Secor *PRO Fighter* Facebook

Andrew Smith Facebook

Jon Spoto Facebook

Travis Stealey Facebook

Christian Torres Facebook

Ronnie Torres Facebook

Scott Traskey Facebook

Josh Warner Facebook

Steve Weaver Facebook

Walter Wheeler Facebook

Dave Woodby *PRO Fighter* Facebook

William Tragedy Yager Facebook

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