Cage Wars 32 Unofficial Quick Results

Cage Wars 32

These are the unofficial results for Cage Wars 32

Anthony Kasdorf vs Tyler DeMagistris Winner BJJ Expo. submission
Kyle Ehnolt vs Ryan Hickey Winner RD 1
Wyatt Roberts Winner TKO RD 3 vs Nicholas Brown
Dominick Gildersleeve Winner RD 1 :32 TKO vs Dehaven Buckingham
Andrew Chevalier vs Andre Dickerson Winner RD 1 submission
TJ George Winner Submission Chris Disonell
Mike Taylor vs Shane Willette winner TKO RD 1 :08
Stephen Whitman winner 3:00 RD 1 vs Will Barry
Don Walton Winner split decision vs Bert Forney
Cara Strona vs Malinda Diffee Winner RD 3 3:00
Josh Kline vs Guy Hammond winner TKO RD 1

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