Booing Fans For Douglas Lima vs. Andrey Koreshkov

Bellator 140 (37)

As we cover more and more events we see crowds of different types. You have the crowds that want blood, we have the crowds that want KO’s and we have fans that are looking for a street fight. Friday night Bellator 140 had a great card and a title fight for the main event. Douglas Lima came into the cage to defend his welterweight title against Andrey Koreshkov and after five rounds the judges came back with the unanimous decision crowing Andrey Koreshkov the new Bellator welterweight champion.

With the five round battle we heard a lot of booing from the crowd, we heard things such as take his head off, you fight like a bunch of girls, if I wanted to see a hugging fight I would have stayed home. This just scratches the surface and really all I would want to repeat. So what is my point as the fans come to MMA events with different expectations and rightfully so. My point is both fighters fought a technical fight, with the experience that was in that cage each fighter was looking for the win and wanted to please everyone, but they also didn’t want to get caught by their opponent and a lot of the fight was fought by trying not to fall into their opponents strong spots. Do I know this first hand? No but I do speak from experience. No fighter wants to expose their weakness and allow their opponent to capitalize on that, plus a various amount of other things. These guys are professional for a reason and that does not come easy.

In the end we all want to see action, but I do ask the next time your are at a fight keep in mind that the men and women that step into the cage not only want to win and do their best, but they want to make sure their fans enjoy the fights and even though the fight may not have met your expectations these fighter came in prepared and as we know a fight can change with one punch or take down, so be prepared and instead of booing put your hands together for these outstanding athletes.

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