Another Great Night Of Fights Courtesy Of Bellator 140


With another Bellator card in the history books it makes me wonder, is Bellator the premier event when it comes to MMA? As much as I love other promotions Bellator pulls out all the stops when it comes to great cards. Now I know some will argue the Slice v Shamrock fight was a shame, but let’s face it that’s one fight and Shamrock I don’t believe took a dive.

So what make them the better promotion in my book. Just the fact I doesn’t seem you have the bosses “favorites” with Bellator, sure you have the ticket sellers, but let’s face it that’s what makes an event successful in my book. Bellator match making is on point, not that others isn’t, but I am always excited to see the next Bellator card announced. One last thing as I could go on, but I love seeing sponsors names on fighters shorts, not that I am not a fan of some athletic companies, but the new “uniforms” look like something from a prep school, not that is a bad thing but this is MMA and I expect to see those things.

With Bellator 140 in the books it was a great night of fights and provided a lot of action. We seen KO’s we seen upsets and we even seen titles change hands and wrap this all up it makes me wonder if you aren’t watching Bellator, you damn well should be and the best part is the fights are free on Spike TV!

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